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Yesterday tuesday 5th February 2013 we lost the most amazing little friend  we could ever have wished for, he came into our lives at 7 weeks old all fluffy and new and never left our side, he was with us 13 years and loved his cuddles, he was spoilt rotten and loved by all. we miss him so much and cant imagine how life will be without him, he was and always will be one of the best parts of our lives
i feel so guilty that i had to let you go 🙁 the vet said it was the right thing, i know it was the right thing for you but i am heartbroken. coming home without you was the longest journey of my life and the tears have not stopped falling. its now been 24 hours since you went to kitty heaven and the house is so quiet without you 🙁 love you SO much baby, be a kitten on a cloud and watch over us all… i hope your free from pain and that nannys looking after you up there. love you with ALL my heart baby boy

your heartbroken mommy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

**** TUESDAY 5TH MARCH 2013****
4 weeks today since i held u for the last time, the tears are still falling, i feel empty without u, miss u SO much… thank u for spending 13 years with us and hope u are lazing in the sunshine up there just like u would be down here in your favorite spot in the garden if u were still alive love you felix, ur brokenhearted mommy xxxxxxxxxxx   >^..^<  

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