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March 2010 - November 2019

My sweet natured cat,
Oh how I miss you,
It doesn’t seem right,
My sweet Mindy Moo

How life is so sad,
For you to die,
The cat I had,
On the road you lie.

I cried no not Mindy,
This isn’t fair,
Life is so cruel,
Without a care

To take my sweet baby,
I can never replace,
I cry and I cry,
Tears run down my face.

You lie so still,
I knew you had died,
A car had hit you,
So peaceful, I cried

An adventurer you were,
With a glint in your eye,
Beautiful grey fur,
You did not deserve to die.

Oh Mindy I miss you,
Each and every day,
What can Mummy do,
How can she live this way!

I shall hold you in my heart,
Forever until we meet,
For I don’t want to part,
From loving you my sweet

An ode to my Mindy,
My sweet grey cat,
Your bed is empty,
It’s where you sat

I shall always be here,
For you to say hi,
Come see me my dear,
Love your Mummy, bye bye xxxx

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