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August 0006 - February 2019

A tiny snowball puppy ,you really stole our hearts
the first dog for our family ,it’s where the fun all starts
You helped us through such hurt and pain
Truly our fourth but fluffy wean
When I had ops and feeling ill you were right there by my side
you only moved to eat ,drink and walks ,my heart filled with pride
Black eyes and nose stood out from white
our ball of fluff so very bright
Then your eyes began to fail
But you still loved to wag that tail
You learned to cope with just one eye
It made you reach more for the sky
You learned to climb back up the stairs
and to jump up on the chairs
Amazing is just one word for you
We your family know that’s true
completely blind you loved playing fetch
so often I look up at that sketch
We have been so very blessed
Now we’ve laid you down to rest
There’s so much more That I could log
Buddy my Little Angel Dog 🙏🏻💚

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