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Tasha Green

November 2010 - December 2019

Tasha came to me from the Midlands Animal Rescue Team. She was thrown out suspected of being the runt of the litter. She was only 10 months when i had her. She was a Russian Blue X Breed. We quickly realised that Tasha had stunted growth, Congenital Malformation of the Vertebrae. Tasha was diagnosed with Feline IBD and just under a month before she was PTS she was discovered to have an incurable viral disease of the mouth. Tasha had years of vet visits and was quite a poorly little lady. She was on medication and a special diet but Tasha lost so much weight and became so weak. She eventually went into organ failure yesterday morning and rushed her to Wolverhampton PDSA where lovely Vet nurses ended Tasha’s suffering. They were so dignified and supportive during this difficult time. Goodnight Sleep Tight Tasha. Love and you and miss you so much xxx

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