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Words cannot express how much we miss you, we loved you more than life itself. I am devastated that there was nothing we could do to save you, I would of given you my kidney happily to have you still with us.

You were the most beautiful, loyal and loving companion, my best friend, my little brother. I seek comfort that you are no longer suffering, but I can’t help but feel the loss, I sit and think of you and all the funny characteristics you had, then I turn around and expect you to be there and when your not, I feel sad. You had so many nicknames, most of which were so silly, you will still always be my tinkerbell princess, I’m sure you thought I was nuts! You gave me the best 12 years of my life and I would like to think you had the same.

The day mum told me you were dying, I couldn’t believe her, you had always been so healthy and never had any issues. It all became real in your final days when you couldn’t even eat or drink, I was convinced a miracle would happen, but it never came. When the vet handed me your collar and lead, it hit me like a tonne of bricks, we came home and your toys were sprawled out on the floor and your bed in the corner empty. It felt unreal.

I hope that you are with grandma and grandad, look after one another until we meet again. If you are with us in sprit, please watch over us and keep us safe.

I love you so much, I will never forget you, you are always in my heart and my head. Sleep peacefully my little man and keep twinkling my shiny star.

All my love forever,

Melissa xxxx

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