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we miss u so much guinness :o( but we want 2 thank u 4 being part of our lives :o) we know we will meet again 1 day . which helps ur passing a little easier 2 bear . but nothing will fill the gap u have left behind . the choice we made that day was the hardest thing thing we have ever done . but we knew it was time 4 u 2 go 2 that garden . where u will 4ever play & never be sick again . we.re giving fosters lots of extra love because we.re sure he misses u 2 . ur being buried in a area where u used 2 play & sunbathe . alltho we know ur really in heaven now . please look after guinness 4 us god . because she was a very special girl 2 us . we love & miss u so much guinness :o( love & kisses always . daddy & fosters & nanny & pappy whall & tiger & all ur friends xoxoxoxoxo 1995 – 27-8-10

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