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March 2009 - March 2020

Lady came into our lives in march 2009 after we rescued her from a house in bridlington where she was in a small cage with 3 large pitbulls, she looked so sad so we gave the guy 20 quid for her and brought her home, we decided to call her lady after my mam as my mam had passed in January 2009. Lady gave us 11 fun filled years, she came camping with us, running with us she made us laugh and used to back answer and chow at us she loved to suck blankets pinch teddys and knickers, she even ate 300 quid that I’d left on the kitchen side, chewed super glue and ate sudo cream certainly kept us on our toes with her crazy antics, and gave us so much love and was always there to cheers us up always knew when we was down and would listen to our worries and just seemed to know when we needed cheering up, lady was a special part of our life and wasnt just a dog she is family and will always be in our hearts lady passed away after a battle with cancer and arthritis on 29th march 2020 fly free out beautiful girl we will never forget you 💔

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