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biff and lizzie


O Friday at 3 30 I lost my very best friend Biff he was only ill for a week but on Sunday he came out of hospital and all looked good then he took a turn and on thurs i took him back they operated on him but could not save him i believe he came home for a few more days so i could have that time with him and on thursday evening i went to see him took videos and photos of him but i cant stop hurting and missing my companion ILOVE U BIFF u should still be herewith me and layla god took u to soon and he has left a hole or maybe lizzie wonted u but i know deep down ur inn aplace called rainbow bridge the other side of heaven and u will stay ther till i arrive and u and lizzie will come to me and i wil feel ur warm tonges on my face and our eyes will lock and we will be together forever it hurts so bad u new everything i miss u sleeping next to me i miss ur warm tongue on my face i miss 0our walks i wish u could have styed longer but i think lizzie missed u so she took u biff i love u so much it hurts so much RIP MY BELOVED FRIEND TILL WE MET AGAIN

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