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July 2008 - July 2020

We miss you, we love you and we will continue to keep you in our hearts forever and ever. From the very first moment we saw you as a puppy we knew you was the one for us and you repaid us a million times over for being the best dog anyone could have by their side. You was our best friend with an impeccable body clock that knew when the family would be home and you never stopped greeting us at the door on a daily basis, that feeling we felt when you did that cannot be replaced. The things you learned like opening the door, giving of your paw seemed like such small things but they brought us so much joy. You made us smile on a daily basis and we hope you realised just how much you was loved for just being you in return. The way you would lay behind our legs and rest your head on our leg, brought so much warmth and a mutual love that will never go away. With love, kisses and cuddles always, you will always be our Zeussy Weussy ♥

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