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My best friend went to sleep last night,

Her head cradled in my hands,

They said she was in so much pain, that’s why she couldn’t stand.

The thoughts that went through my mind,

As I cradled her in my arms,

Was of happier, younger and healthier years

And of all her little charms.

I made the decision there and then

To help my best friend go,

To end her pain and suffering

Even though it hurt me so.

Today there is no gentle nudge

No bark or I love you gaze,

Just a heart filled with painful tears

As I remember her little ways.

But I know she’s in a better place,

All her pain and suffering gone.

Once again a healthy dog

So over Rainbow Bridge she can run.

My beautiful, brilliantly wonderful baby girl

Will be sadly missed and loved forever..

Sweet dreams baby girl xxxxxxxx

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