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My beautiful baby I have had you since you were less than 5 weeks old and you were with me for a wonderful Eighteen and a quarter years – I miss you  so much – you were not like a cat at all – I miss you so much the pain is hard to cope with! You had so many wonderful ways and little things you did that gave so much fun and happiness – yuo talked back to us in your own way – you loved to look out of the windows and had your own patio  – you were never naughty – I did not have to reprimand you at all in all your life – you were perfect – Its terrible that you had to go – I nursed you back from your stroke – I sat up many nights with you nursing you – you recovered and went down with an ear infection that did not respond to medication and on that awful morning on November 25th 2013  you were obviously in pain – I will never know if it was the infection or something else that caused the loss of you – I pray that you went peacefully my darling – I miss you so much – I cry every day xxxx I will never ever forget you – as you were – you are – very special – I am waiting to have your casket home with us – Mummy and Daddy miss you so much and I miss cuddling and stroking you. 24 Jan 2014 I have you home now Sophie in a cat shaped casket – I miss you so much – the days just get harder – I have had 2 beautiful canvas pictures printed of you and a neclase with you in crystal.I will never ever forget youx.

One year has passed today by beautiful darling baby and friend, The pain is as strong as ever and the hurt is still hurting – you were my life and it feels like my right arm is missing. I pray that someday we will see each other again – I have your ashes at home – something I never thought I would do , but I cant be parted from you my little one. I am so sorry for what needed to be done a year and an hour ago, you were so ill and I feel bad for making you get in the pet carrier when You tried to get out when I got you to the vets – this image will remain with me forever – I miss you so much but I know it was a kind thing to do as you didn’t deserve to suffer – you were perfect in every way and never had to be scolded – you will remain on my heart forever – I light a candle for you every day my little ‘Mophie’

 Mummy xxx and Daddy

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