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July 2012 - January 2021

Ruby, you have been by my side so long and comforted me through such dark times. I am already missing the snuggles, you jumping on the windowsill meowing to be in. You opening doors, turning on taps and even bringing me not so nice presents home. When I come home and you meet me at the bottom of the square, run along the walls jumps over gateposts and meet me at the front door. Your little sidekick misses you too she keeps sitting on the windowsill waiting for you to come home and won\’t leave my side. I guess it is true when people say cats sense things and grieve just the same as us humans.
Ruby, you\’ve been a part of our lives for so long and to lose you the way we did has broken our hearts.
xxx Becky & Shazzy xxx
Miss you soo soo much Rubes, love you forever & always xxxx

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