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Oh Sulu, we miss you so much that it can’t be put into words. You were so scared & wary when we got you from the rescue centre but you soon started showing your cheeky side by eating a bacon sandwich left on the settee while I answered the door! You were taken far too soon from us.Your illness was sudden & you bravely carried on until you just couldn’t anymore, the look in your eyes told me that you’d had enough & as much as I wanted you to stay with us I had to make the most heartbreaking decision in a long,long time. Its incredibly lonely without you & I miss your cuddles & snuggling up on the settee each night. Miss your begging impression of a Meerkat too whenever food was about. But you’re now with Kizzie & Nutmeg & i’m sure they’ll be showing you the ropes & where all the best bones are buried. I feel your spirit around the house & i hear you at times. You are so loved & missed that it hurts with such gut-wrenching pain but I know that at some point I’ll be reunited with you & we can have all the cuddles in the world. Love you so much Sulu. The tears still flow… uncontrollably at times. I am happy & proud to know that you felt safe & loved with us & that your last days were precious to us. There’s a hole in our hearts & lives that will never be filled again. We love you forever Sulu.

Lots of love & cuddles from Ellen, Wayne & Theo xxx

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