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Tara Gethin

March 2005 - February 2021

You and your brother came to me as 8 week old kittens and I loved you so much from the very start.
Epilepsy could have taken you at any time but you’re a fighter (like me). You were brave right to the end, going to sleep so peacefully 6 weeks before your 16th birthday. You were named after the Liberator from Sorrow Buddha so it’s only fitting that I liberated you from yours. I hope you can forgive me.
You loved curling up on the radiator or, if the heating wasn’t on, your dad. You loved the sun, sprawling in the windows or following the sun beam as it made its way across the floor.
You were loved by everyone who met you. I love you so much and it hurts horribly that you’re not here, but I know that you’re no longer in pain.
We’ll all see each other again some day but in the meantime enjoy the Rainbow Bridge: the snacks on every corner and snoozes in the sun.
Run free my beautiful wee girl, you deserve it.

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