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The 10th Kingdom passed on a glorious name,

You are the Prince of all Princes,

Even while your body is at rest you are the most handsome of them all,

In this eternity of sleep may you dream of us being with you,

You were loyal and proud like a lion cub,

Surrounded by felines we all warmed to you,

The King held your gaze as his darling, his voice boomed straight through to your soul.


Morning, noon or night, not a day will go by where your beloved guides will not think of you,

Your young spirit played with the young at heart hide and seek is your game,  

Your lovely energy was felt even though you did not speak,

You touched many and made time around the clock for us all.


Tissues and Toast will never be the same, 

Your memory lives on though your presence in this household may have gone.

You are the Prince of all Princes, nothing can replace you. 

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