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A year ago today you were sadly taken from us, we miss you so much scampi, when the sun rise’s and i find my eyes filled with tears, i wish so much you were here with me, i know how much you love mummy and daddy as much as we love you, and everyday i think of you i know you are missing us, don’t think we are far apart as i know my boy is with us everyday, you were my best friend for 13years and they were the best years of my life, you gave us love and joy, we miss you everyday scampi, you are always in our thoughts, we love you so much and you are always in our hearts. We will be together again one day scampi until then sleep well my handsome boy. Tigger misses you, when we say your name everyday tiggs looks at the door waiting for you, tiggs love’s you so much. love you always. Love Mummy, Daddy and Tigger xxxxx 


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