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Dear Buddy.                                                  7th March 2014

I loved you the first time I saw you.  I offered you a home when you were left at the vet injured from an accident, and you were my best friend from that day on.  No words can express how sad I feel.  Your loud and content purr, your cuddles, in fact all you ever did, leave me so sad and empty with memories .. a big long list! You saved my life by waking me up when I fell asleep whilst cooking your special dietary food, for which I thank you.  As hard as it was to let you go, I did it to free you from any pain.  Please forgive me and get on now and enjoy your new home.  Purr loudly, just like you always did .. both in the sun and in the rain.  Play still with your bits of ribbon or small sticks, that you always loved to chase, roll over for your belly rubs with your fat, long furry, curly tum! Buddy, my life is now empty without you here to greet me. You were my best friend, who never, let me down.  How different things are at home and Smudge misses you so much too – she is quite a different cat now, as she takes special care of me in your abence and she has also taken over your cuddling role.  I’ll always though, keep that very special place next to me .. just for you, as I know you’re about watching over us.  Please God take care of my Buds, who will live on in my heart always.  Leaving Buddy in Mum & Dads arms, until we all meet again.  God Bless Dear Buds – Love you more than words can say – Your Mummy Always – Debs & Smudge xxx

’17 Years – My Very Special Moggie In A Million’

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