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March 2004 - February 2021

From your first croak of a bark to the thinning of that beautiful bushy tail you were loved. You brought so much joy to so many people. So regal, intelligent and funny. You were a star – your auditions and the fact that you will live on in that Pop Video. Hopefully you are now reunited with Gizmo the Papillon your brother, Scampi the Yorkshire Terrier. The cats, Tyson, Baldric, Mrs Ploppy and her other offsprings.
We are still laughing at how you hid that bit of shortbread, must have been a couple of weeks prior and the minute we revisited you knew exactly where to retrieve it and ate it. The time you were left outside longer than you thought you should have. You ran straight into the kitchen to bark at my b-i-law. There are so many happy and funny memories but three weeks before your 17th birthday you had only days in this world. If only we knew. Everyone misses you so much. RIP beautiful Sandi. You will never be forgotten

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