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March 2013 - June 2021

My beautiful angel, from the moment we met I protected you with my life. I only wish I could have protected you at the end of your journey. You were so loved not just by me but so many others, we will always walk side by side my gorgeous girl. Mika you really were the best, a human kid in dog form! Thank you baby for giving me so much love, I love you more than words can say and I always will! I miss you lying next to me and nuzzling my neck, I miss your cold wet nose, your paw on my shoulder and those beautiful brown eyes. I promised you I would sing you to sleep and I kept my promise, you were such a good girl snoring your head off before you got your wings. Goodnight sweetheart go and play at Rainbow Bridge with all your friends I will see you in my dreams baby and one day we will meet again.

CPC provide pet owners with a dignified pet cremation service and a range of pet memorials to create lasting tributes.