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October 2015 - June 2021

Paco, pac-man, Paco Rabanne, Goofy, goof troop, the bestest boy, teefs and all the other names we gave you, we can’t believe you’re not here anymore, walking through the front door won’t be the same anymore without a big wet snoot waiting to say hello, who’s going to check the shopping bags for suspicious items now? There isn’t another dog like you, the most friendliest (sometimes too friendly for other people 😂) of dogs, a sweet natured and goofy boy who never grew up, even as you got older you were still a pup. We weren’t sure about giving you a forever home but our love for you had grown and grown but I think it was fate because through time you became our best mate. When Dad lies on the floor, who’s going to stand over him and have their belly rubbed? Who can we take out for a walk just to clear our head? Who’s going to mooch at us when we eat cos you KNEW we’d give you something off our plate, cos we are such a soft touch with you 😂, we miss you playing throwing your toys about like a looney, we’ll miss watching you doing 100 mph zoomies 😂 cos laughs you gave us aplenty but now our home feels empty. We’ll miss you mate, feels like part of our soul has been ripped out 💔 enjoy the rainbow bridge 🌈 (I’ll sure you’re slowly sniffing your way across it 😂)

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