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We found each other in 2009 when we were both a little bit broken by life. I was still lost in loneliness and recovering from a devastating divorce after 23 years of marriage and you were waiting to be re-homed after nearly 8 months in a shelter having been found straying with a broken leg. The minute I touched you, you purred and I took you home with me at a time when I barely felt able to look after myself. Together we healed each other. You were the most gentle cat – so loving and trusting. You filled my home and my heart. My mornings, my days and my nights felt the companionship of your gentle presence. Now they feel the aching, massive abyss of your loss. How can such a small creature leave such a huge gap? Your ghost is all around me, the touch of your fur, the warmth of your body, the hum of your purr. I said goodbye to you today, so my grief for you is so raw, but I know (I hope) that in time this will mellow, and I will remember the pleasure, the privilege and the joy of your presence in my life. Goodbye Jodie, my sweet little girl, thank you for loving me and for letting me love you as I did. My life was better for your presence and I hope that yours was better for mine. God bless. xxx

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