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I got my Sasha 10 years ago as my beautiful blue eyed Irish blue puppy. I loved her from the moment I saw her I still remember going to get her and her running straight into my arms as we first met. She is my baby my soul mate been by my side every day until the day she passed away. She grew up with me then from the birth of my 3 daughters watched them grow. Can honestly say she was the perfect dog in the whole world so loving so caring even at sad times always by my side to comfort me. I miss her deeply each day passes by I miss her even more. But thanks to CPC I have my Sasha back home with me in a beautiful casket in her own home with her family just where she belongs. I love my Sasha my baby my best friend and will miss her forever until the day we meet again and she will once again be by my side. Rip Sasha 30-09-04. 08-03-14 xxxxxxxxxx

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