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R.I.P Rhianna Sue 14/04/11 – 17/04/15
God bless you and may now enjoy eternal life in a big grassy fresh field ! You have brighten up my life and will always be eternally grateful for your presence!

You were my best friend, my baby, and looked forward to coming home to you! I always said “You are one of the most beautiful” and you know u were! Second mummy says you will always be know as “The Beauty”. 

Sadly taken from me far too young in a car accident! I’m wishing I put you back indoors when I went out but it was such a lovely day out and I know you enjoy the sunshine plus warmer out there than in the new home!

I’m so sorry my darling and been crying for you everyday since I found out what happened to you! 

Mummy misses you and has no one to talk to now!

Your brothers & Holly(Bev’s daughter) will miss you too!

Grandma miss you and even Grandpa as he I think he knows what you meant to me! 

I wish you were here right now!

Rest in peace baby Rhi Rhi and i hope we will be together again in another life!

Love always mummy xxxxxxxxxx

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