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March 1999 - July 2021

My much loved little ‘Zee’, ‘Zeanie Beanie’….
I adopted you and your sister 18 years ago, it was one of the happiest days of my life, I fell in love with you both instantly, we lost your sister in 2016, you missed her so much, even though over the years you both changed, you still attempted to groom her, care for her, that was you being who you were.
Now July 2021…
It’s been almost three weeks since you went to cat heaven. Everyday I think of you, I talk to you daily, right now saying how much I miss you. I miss you so much, I’m pretty lost without you being her. Keeping myself occupied has helped, I have a little photo book that Annie and Jude made for me, I’m adding lots of your pictures, and some of your much missed sister, Zimba to. I enjoy seeing your cute little faces, just now though, they make me cry, things will get better over time.
You spent 18 years with dad and I, everyday I told you how much I loved you (he did to but I said I love you more!!)….endless hugs and kisses that you tolerated, you never complained, you were such a gentle humble little soul, you both were. I remember how each day I’d rush home from work, you were my first and foremost thought, I missed you when I wasn’t at home, but you knew I had to work in order to give you your daily fish, tuna, chicken, and treats, everyday you had the best of everything, you deserved nothing less. You loved your fish, how you used to sit patiently while I cooked it, then you would follow me through to your feeding quarters to have your dinner. I loved to watch you enjoy your food, it made me happy and made me smile. Everything about you was just perfect, you lived to a grand age of 22, you really were a little fighter and marched through serious illness’s, always bounced back. The time came for you to say goodbye, you’ll always be loved, never forgotten Zeana, forever in my heart. Much missed, loved forever 🐱💓🐾 Mum xxxx

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