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Alfie was my best friend and he meant the world to me. As soon as I saw him at the Danemere animal rescue home -I knew he was the one for me, so friendly and meowing at me to take him home and I did just that. We have had 6years together and there has been a strong bond between us. He has given me so much love and affection and I have given him the same. I understood him and he understood me. We shared the same comfort when we were together and the touch of his soft white fur and the way he tilted his head back to look up at me lovingly when he was lay on my lap was so special. He would let me know when it was time to go to bed. Alfie knew what he wanted and often got his own way like getting on my lap even when I was reading the paper or writing my diary…he just climbed on top. He was so special but unfortunately he had a serious health problem and although the vet and myself tried so hard to keep him as healthy as possible for as long as we could things went downhill and the battle was lost and so my beloved Alfie died

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