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Megan Mae you left us on 6th january after 12.5 happy years .we had to make the most difficult decision we have had to make in a long time.You were to good afriend and companion we couldnt let you suffer any more.We attended your cremation on 7th and brought you home where you should be.

I hope you are no longer in pain and that we did give you the dignity you deserved .I hope you are getting better in the rainbow fields and will be able to run for your ball which you havent done since september and that you can now see clearly.

At this time we are still looking for your star to at least let us know you have arrived safely with dad hollie tick rass sally suzie and all our other pets.

Until we meet you again please look after us and guard us lke you always have done.you have taken a piece of our hearts with you and the pain hurts but hopefully jess and trixie can help us get over this once they have grieved for you.

love you till our last breathe and missed every minute of the day

god bless our faithful dog have a good sleep and wake up better

love tina richard mum jessie trixie and mickey xxxxxx

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