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January 2005 - January 2022

You came into my life with a bark and a bounce
If a dog crossed your path you’d be ready to pounce

The miles that you walked me where plenty and often
Only in later life did they become forgotten

My heart soared to a level where nothing else mattered
But now that loves come crashing down, my heart is absolutely shattered

You were my dog, my best friend my constant companion
My heart feels like a crater has created a canyon

My Rocky Bones, my one and only
Life’s forever going to be lonely
From licking my feet and nibbling my toes
To tripping me up wherever we’d go

At 17 you’ve had a fab innings
But you’ve given us much more and we cashed the winnings

My love, my heart, a dog like no other
My Rocky Bones, so proud to be your mother

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