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Our little George, Little fat lad as your daddy affectionately named you. Just 4 and a half short years we had you. You slipped away after mummy went to bed last night. You little monkey not letting mummy be there to comfort you, you were so brave to not let mummy see your suffering. I picked you up and held you tight this morning, your little body so lifeless and still but your eyes so bright like diamonds. Oh how you will be missed my boy, my beautiful baby boy. Why did it have to be now when it’s just coming up to a year since we lost your big sister Bella. we found her hairs on your cage this morning, did she come to guide you over rainbow bridge my little man. You were quite the odd couple, a rough collie with a floppy earred bunny as a best friend. How we miss you both. You’ll forever be in my heart, you’ve both taken a chunk of it that’s never going to heal. Until we meet again my beautiful boy, be good and i’ll see you again one day. All our love from Mummy and Daddy xxxxxx

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