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Hello, My names Fluke McGrath and I would have been 11 years old on 12th February 2017, I counted myself as one of the lucky ones as my Mummy specifically chose me from Battersea Windsor just over ten years ago when I was 10 months old. I have had a wonderful life and my Mummy has taken really good care of me. I was never poorly but on the 10th April 2016 I did get very poorly and I lost alot of weight in a short space of time. My Mummy took me to my doctors and she called him a vet, the vet kept me in overnight on IV fluids and I had no energy and felt horrible. The next day I was allowed to go home and I heard the vet say I had something called Cusions disease. The day after I was allowed home I had to have a CT scan and the vet shaved my sides and then said I also had diabetes brought on by the Cusions disease but it wasn’t all bad news as the vet said very often with Cusions doggies they have tumours on the liver and my Mummy was so happy when the CT scan confirmed I didn’t have any tumours. Alot of medication followed and I had to have insulin injections at home twice a day. Me and Mummy didn’t like it to begin with but we got into a routine and it was ok. Then about two and a half months ago I started to walk into things and we went back to see my vet who told us very often with diabetes 75% of doggies go blind within nine months. We then went to see the specialist who done alot of tests on me and luckily I didn’t have this thing called Glucoma. You see, there’s no treatment for doggies with Glucoma and eventually leads to having our eyes removed. So I had to have four different eyedrops at different times of the day to prevent me getting Glucoma. My walks were cut shorter but I had three 40 minute walks a day instead of a long walk in the morning. It suited me and I was happy with this. Then on Halloween Day I really didn’t feel well and didn’t want to move in the morning when Mummy got up to start my medications. I didn’t want to eat, I didn’t want to go for my morning walk which I loved and I felt so tired, Mummy was worried so took me back to see my vet. The vet said I had an ulcer in my left eye which made my eye closed and he said it would have been very very painful for me and it made me walk funny to the left. The ulcer was caused by the steroid eyedrops to stop me getting Glucoma. The vet said it could take months of treatment to get rid of the ulcer and there was no guarantee he could get rid of it in the end because of all my other health problems. The steroid eyedrops would have to be stopped and that would have meant I could have got the dreaded Glucoma I was being treated against. I laid on the floor as I was so tired. The decision was made to send me to Rainbow Bridge and free me from all the problems I had. My Mummy and walker Graham who was my bestist friend in the whole wide world was with me till the very end and they told me I was the bestest boy in the whole wide world and the King of dogs. I sort of knew this anyway because everywhere I went everybody loved me. I know they loved me very very much and after eight months of illness I really couldn’t take anymore and was so tired and off I went to Rainbow Bridge. I really was a super hero because Mummy told me often I was, so I deserve to have a story and this is my story. The very beautiful wonderful handsome Fluke McGrath “The White Knight”

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