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The garden is silent
a bark no longer rings
The household is dark
Your growl no longer sings

Your bowl clean and washed, will never be full again.
Put away out of sight, attempt to ease our pain
Your food given away to a dog just like you
Given away out of sight just to see us through

I listen out for the sounds once made
I listened quite closely, but the memories won’t fade.
Your face brightened us up made our hearts shine with joy.
We will miss you dear Barney our sweet baby boy. But one day we will see you complete with new toy. We know how you loved to play ball until night. But one day we will see you again and oh what a sight. The void in our hearts is not easy to fill, but dear Barney with our memories it certainly will.
We will hold you again dear Barney as tight as can be and when we do our hearts sing with glee.

For now dear Barney we must let you leave. Because now dear minky we must learn how to grieve.
Please know of our love wherever you are. On our hearts now lies a very great scar.
the healing begins and again we will meet
All together once again a family complete

CPC provide pet owners with a dignified pet cremation service and a range of pet memorials to create lasting tributes.