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August 1997 - January 2017

19 years ago, you came into our lives – a little, bedraggled feral kitten – so scared, you hid behind the video recorder for a week.
When you emerged, such a bundle of joy and so determined to join Blue on his cabin bed. Every night you tried to scale that ladder. How proud you were when you made it up – from then on you stuck to him like glue.
When I was upset, you comforted me,When we had dinner parties, you were always spreading your love around the room.
In later years, you would walk with me to the shop and patiently wait until I came out, so that you could walk with me home.
You thought nothing of coming for a ride in the car and knew every single neighbour – everyone stopped and stroked you darling. They will all miss you too.
If I went to the pub to order food, so many times you would follow me right in.
You loved it when Blue sang Opera and adored Pavarotti.
Nineteen years Hennie. Blue was seven when we brought you home.
You loved the sunshine and always smelled of sunshine.
Unshakeable – when we introduced a full grown German Shepherd, you did not flinch. This was your home and we were your family.
We are all heartbroken without you. Before you left, I thanked you for being so precious and told you that I loved you. We will love you forever darling our lives were so enriched sharing them with you. Forever in our hearts

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