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January 2001 - March 2017

My darling Paris from the first moment I went too choose which kitten I wanted you meowed to your mummy when I went too stroke you and she meowed back as if too says it\’s OK darling, we welcomed you into our home where you joined Chanelle who was 1yr older than you and you didn\’t get on at first and would go into small gaps that she cudnt and stand on your back paws hitting her you soon both grew too love each other and you completed my our little family you showed your love for paper and would climb onto the mattress at the side off my wardrobe which took you onto the top off my wardrobe and you would play table tennis by hitting the paper when it was thrown to you and sometimes even dropping it at our feet you was so fast you could drop it at our feet and by the time we had picked the paper up ready to throw it you was already there waiting even now thinking off this is bringing a smile too my face .
You also enjoyed climbing my velvet curtains and sitting on the curtain pole and after some time if I turned the bedroom light off and the light would shine in from outside it would look like the sky at night with all the stars out I know you will be the brightest star shining in the sky tonight and if I ever need too talk with you I will look up into the sky and find the brightest star because I know that will be you , I know now you are pain free and Chanelle will be right by your side looking after her sister who she\’s missed for the last five years . When u went home too Chanelle a piece off me has died with you and I will never forget you ever my darling Paris I love you more than I can explain and the only comfort I will get from losing my baby is knowing you are back with Chanelle where u belong .
Your loving heart broken mummy kisses and cuddles xxx

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