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Sasha Pike

June 2000 - March 2017

sweetheart our baby sasha we love you very very much we did not want to put you to rest i would have easily took your place if god allowed it i am so so sorry but we could not see you in pain no more the cry that you made was enough to decide that it was your way of telling us mum and dad ive had enough along with the look in your eyes filled with sadness but full of love you have only been gone less than 48 hours it’s so hard i hope that you can forgive us for making that decision to put a end to your pain it was sure not a easy one to make but im sure that you would be gratefull well i hope so sweetheart thier is so much joy and love that u have given us we will never ever ever forget you our baby who now awaits to greet us in heaven love you sasha

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