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April 2000 - December 2017

You’ve always been Ms. Perfect. Never complained, always went with the flow and just enjoyed the moment. Climbing up trees even to the very last weeks of your life, kicking other (much bigger) cats out of your territory, keeping your brother in his place, being the kids’ best friend. You have lived in 5 countries and made so many friends along the way. What an amazing little lady you were. I saw you come to the world almost 18 years ago, with your little eyes shut, cutest voice, little face. Yesterday you were so, so, so poorly but waited for me to take you in my arms so you could die in my arms, pressed against my heart, surrounded by your family who loves you so very much. Thank you for giving us almost 18 years of your wonderful life. Humans have so much to learn from you, your unconditional love, happiness, simplicity and kindness. Thank you for all you have given us. Love you with all my heart. Rest in peace my little girl, my first baby – Miss you so very much.

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