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Jess THE cat

December 2017 - December 2019

Everyone says you had a different life from the average cat. We had such a lot of fun together, your lovely, gentle nature soothing me at times of stress. Our day trips out together remain as very happy, fun times.
You loved being in the car, on a harness, lazing flat out on the front seat with your blanket and treats. If you could have sat on my knee, you would. When we reached your favourite place, I had to carry you away from the car, but you condescended to walk back to it!

The wall you loved to scramble along, and, when you were feeling energetic, the gates you would leap over. The forrest where you would run around; the stream you liked to stand in and gaze at the water.

You lived a life less ordinary, Jess, and I thank you for it. You left me with such funny memories, lots of videos and photos, but you shall always remain in my heart.
Until we meet again, cheeky face.
Mum. xxxx

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