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Rio was the best puppy, a smooth haired, tri-colour border collie.

Always happy and wanted to be everyone’s best friend.
He was crazy at times with energy, and on occasion, well perhaps more than that, he was naughty, but he was so cute with it.

After a long struggle with kidney disease the decision time came and I decided that he was suffering too much, chasing his toys was just too much effort, so he went peacefully in my arms at the vets.

Whilst the disease was hard on me to watch, I would never regret choosing him, loving him and giving everything I could to him.
I would do it all again without a second thought.

I wish I could say I held it together for him until he was gone, but it was just too hard.
2 weeks before his second birthday my lovely bouncy puppy moved on, and i hope that one day I will be able to.

Whilst he may be gone, he will always be in my memory as the dog that got me through some tough times in his short life, the constant optomist that a new friend or a potential toy lies around every corner. He taught me so much, he kept me sane, made me smile, laugh and cry, sometimes all in the same breath.

Always loved, Always missed, RIP pups


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