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Poppy (Popsicles)

August 2008 - May 2018

Poppy my lovely you have no idea bless you what a shock it was for me to find you have your final sleep. I feel so guilty that i was not with you when you passed my sweetheart. You were so lively the day before when i said goodnight to you Saturday i had no idea that when i woke up Sunday you would be gone. I am sorry if i scolded you in the past for being naughty but its what Mummies do sometimes it does not mean they do not love you. I hope you know how much i loved you my lil Pops. Its quiet here now without you. You have got your nice Pink Blanket (you loved having a snuggle in your blankets and when i had just got them out of the Dryer you would wag your tail and get so excited and then wrap yourself in them because they were warm and smelling nice) to be Cremated with and i think Tilly and Poppy had a lay on the blanket also so some of them will be with you. I have some locks of your fur from your head and body that the nice Veterinary Nurse clipped off for me, they are in an envelope with your name but i cannot bear to look at it yet my darling. I have left your blankets on top of the sofa where you used to sleep i cannot move them yet but i will fold them up and put them away at some point and whenever i get them out i will think of you Pops. I feel so guilty that i went to bed, you know me sometimes i sleep on the sofa or sometimes stay up watching telly. Please Please know that my heart is breaking and please know that i loved you with my heart and soul. You were nuts lol, and you made me laugh. I would give anything to have you back in my arms. I love you. Mummy xx

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