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March 1992 - September 2008

My mum and dad surprised me after school when I was 8 with this beautiful pure white doggie and I was so excited, he greeted me instantly with kisses and let me hug him, ever since that day we were inseparable, when I used to be doing something I wasn’t in the garden he would bark and bark until my mum came out to catch me, he was always telling on me and looking out for me. He may have been a small dog but he was a big part of my life. Eventually we got a Rottweiler and they were soul mates so all 3 of us were always together. Sadly in 2005 we lost ruby the Rottweiler and me and max grieved together even though I do not believe he truly got over losing his friend he knew he had me and I knew I had him. On Saturday the 20th September 2008 at 10:30 am I was licking my foot and I then I felt him shake I called my dad and 10 minutes later he was gone. My and dad brought him to the Sheffield pet crematorium and they were amazing and so respectful (I couldn’t sit in the back of the car with him so didn’t go, I have felt guilty about that ever since)
We collected him a week later and I was devastated that my best friend was now in a small box but the gentleman was so kind to us. In November I went to see a jack Russell not thinking I would take her but she did exactly was max used to do and came to me gave me kisses and let me hug her, I know max sent her to me and 10 years later it’s still awful being without him but belle has helped me and she is just like him in so many ways.

Anyway enough ranting I thought I would share a poem I found and it describes max and belle to a T and I’m sure it describes all jack russells.

Thank you for reading
Show me a Doberman,
I’ll cut him to size.
I’ll tear him to pieces
In front of your eyes.

I’m cocksure and bossy
The King of the Patch
Bring on your Alsations,
It won’t be a match.

I’m a dirty street fighter,
My language is foul.
I’ll fight to the death,
Never throw in the towel.

Don’t step near my missus,
Don’t push me too far,
Get right off my pavement
Take your hands off my car.

And when she’s alone,
I’ll sit on her knee,
She’ll know she’s quite safe,
Relying on me.

Don’t walk by my lorry,
When I’m at a show.
When I’m guarding my ponies,
I’m lethal to know.

I’ll follow a fox
To the depths of his lair,
But I like creature comforts…
Get out of my chair!

I won’t walk or heel
Or sit when I’m told,
But I’m loving, protective,
Brave, loyal, and bold.

My life’s full of moments,
Importance and bustle.
I know I’m the greatest…

I’m called a JACK RUSSELL!

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