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you were our baby our hear our soul you had our all. we love and miss you so much and always will you were our baby boy. you were so loveing and playfull. you meant the world to us. you gave us alot more than you know you gave us love, hope and security. you were our baby boy and always will be. no other animal will ever come close to how we feel about you. no other animal will ever take your place in your home or our hearts your our one and only speacial lil guy, my sexy man. yout not in no more pain and you dont need to fight it anymore, you can sleep peacefully and  i hope you really do know how much you meant and mean to us. we never wanted you to go away and we never wanted to loose you. more than anything we want you to come home. daddy mummy and cal cal love and miss you so much always and forever in our hearts and thoughts and memories. our special baby boy. life will never be the same again without you. you had such a short life and you didnt get to experience everything but i hope to you it was a good one and know we will always love you and never forget you. you made an impact on everyone who met you in many ways and nobody will ever forget you baby.

            we love you millions and billions with all our heart

                       and soul and all the love in the world

                                  daddy, mummy and cal cal




CPC provide pet owners with a dignified pet cremation service and a range of pet memorials to create lasting tributes.