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Houdini may have only been small, but he definately provided me with huge amounts of love and entertainment! My little hamster in the last few months of his life developed a hernia, and his body became very large. In spite of this, he was never “ill”, and carried out his day to day regime as normal. I thought I would have to witness Houi go downhill, and make the dredded decision. Houdini knew I wouldnt want to see him suffer, so last night when I went to give him a cuddle, I found he has passed away in his sleep. He was wrapped in his self-made bedding surrounded by his favourite treats. His eyes were closed and he looked peaceful. I miss him so much already, and was the best companion I could have asked for. I am hurting inside, but take comfort in remembering our time together, and the fact that he didnt suffer.

We love you Houi,

Mummy, Daddy, Tinkerbell and Edward


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