Quality Animal Welfare

The primary purpose of any veterinary practice is providing the highest quality animal welfare to each pet that comes through the doors. This commitment must also include the moral responsibility to recognise when it is time to say goodbye.


When treating companion animals, keeping their owner fully informed of the options often means euthanasia may be the only choice. This is a difficult topic to discuss; which is why CPC offers training to veterinary professionals. Attendees to our Insight Day course have reported boosted confidence and a stronger ability to empathise with an owner facing this difficult decision.

CPC recognises the issues faced by vets and practice managers in ensuring all clients receive the best service available. The CPC Insight Day covers all aspects of supporting owners once the decision to euthanise their pet is made. We provide training on how to approach the subject as well as scenario-based discussions on how to deal with different client responses.

Our Insight Day provides veterinary professionals with the chance to have a guided tour of our sites, as well as the option to see behind the scenes. This has proved popular with professionals who would prefer to speak from personal experience to their clients.

Part of the course is designed to showcase the options available to the owner planning their pet’s funeral. This includes CPC’s commitment to dignity and integrity, as well as the different options from Individual Pet Cremation and Communal Pet Cremation.

The Insight Day course is held at our Cambridge, Tewkesbury or Livingston sites.